Architecture Designing & Analysis

RBA Systems provides architecture solutions that align with business objectives and growth strategies. Software architecture design is an integral part of any project. We offer application architecture consulting services that span the entire software product life cycle. We are also expert in migrating legacy systems to modern architecture, which will help you in your growing business.

Our highly skilled, experienced architects help our clients to find a best software solution for their complex business requirements.Our IT Architects provide consultancy in enterprise architecture, auditing reviews, technical guidance and project support. We clearly differentiates itself from larger, more generic systems integrators by offering specialized services and building a relationship of trust and respect with its clients. We also provide the architeture services to other organizations to serve better to their clients.

Our Approach

  • Project management experiences the architect as a facilitating partner that brings real value.
  • Project management sees architecture as flexible and able to adjust to changing requirements and changing budget.
  • Developers become active supporters because they are directly involved.
  • Architects are not spending enormous budgets on creating extensive documents that prove to be of less and less value as the project progresses.
  • Our Architects belives that security should be integral part of your software development Products, which makes your system more secure and robust.
  • Architects are involved throughout the project and will be testing the architectural description and removing risks at an early stage.


Our Service Oriented Arcitecture and Integration consultants can help you:

  • In defining the business cases based on SOA principles.
  • Structure the integration effort by setting up an integration or middleware competence centre, making your investments least.
  • By guidance and definition of SOA and Integration architecture.
  • In reducing your development cost and increasing your application scalability.



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